The main outcomes of the 2040 Masterplan will set the stage for solid growth in the real estate market


Population increase by the year 2040 (from 3.3 million now to 7.8 million).


Doubling the size of green and recreational areas.


Of the population to live within 800 meters of a main public transport station.


Increase in spaces designated for educational and health facilities.


Of the emirate’s land to comprise of nature reserves and natural areas.


Increase in length of public beaches.


Increase in space for hospitality and tourism activities.

1.7 b.

sq. ft

Of the emirate’s land dedicated to industrial and economic activities.

Supported by
Comprehensive and Flexible Law

Urban Planning Law to support sustainable development and improvement in the emirate

Comprehensive and Flexible Law

Development of service centers catering to all needs of population and making them accessible using flexible and sustainable means of mobility.

National Housing

Integrated and diverse housing options with highest standards to cater to citizen’s needs for more than 20 years.

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